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Pros and Cons that the Ball Valves Used in the Pipeline

Ball Valves in the pipe line is mainly used for cutting, distribution and change the direction of media flow, designed to open the valve V-shaped, but also has a good flow regulation. It’s opening and closing parts is a sphere, the use of the sphere around the stem axis of rotation 90 ° to achieve the purpose of opening and closing.

Advantages: 1, with the lowest flow resistance (real 0); 2, body symmetry, in particular welded body structure, can well withstand the stress from the steel pipe; 3, in the larger range of pressure and temperature can be completely sealed; 4, the ball off pieces of the boundary position in automatic positioning; can achieve rapid opening and closing, opening and closing, the operation was no impact. 5, closing off parts can withstand the pressure differential. 6, work on media in double sealed and reliable; 7, in the fully open and fully closed, the ball and seat sealing surface and the dielectric isolation, so speed does not cause the media through the Valves sealing surface erosion; 8, compact, light weight, it could be considered for low-temperature media system is the most reasonable of the valve structure;

Disadvantages: Regulation of performance connected with the valves to be worse, especially the pneumatic Valves (or electric valve). Because the main valve seat ring material is PTFE, it has almost all chemical substances are inert and has a friction coefficient is small, stable, easy to aging, temperature and sealing performance for a wide range of excellent comprehensive features. However, the physical properties of PTFE, including the high expansion coefficient, the sensitivity of the cold and poor thermal conductivity, required seating must be designed around these characteristics.

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